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Searching the Database

The Mi'kmaq Language Resources - Msit Kisitaqn L'nui'simkewe'l (MKL) contains the resources that have been submitted to the project team by the host institutions. This is just a sample of the Mi'kmaq language learning resources that are available throughout Nova Scotia. Keep in mind that resources may be added to the database, so please check back periodically.

The search function for this database is designed to return relevant results to your search, and to provide quick and easy access for the resource located at its host organization. Enter the keyword you wish to search in the left-hand box. You are able to search for the keyword in all institutions, or limit your search to a specific place in the drop-down box on the right. You are able to search in Mi'kmaq or English.

The results appear organized by format: Books, Manuscripts (or Unpublished material), Reports, and Audio/Visual. By clicking on the title of the resource, you can see more details about the resource such as Author, Host Organization, Reference Number, Orthography, and a Brief Description. A click on the Host Organization links you to their contact information so that you can quickly and easily contact them for more detailed information on a particular resource. Please note that profiles are not complete for each resource at this time.

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Finding a Mi’kmaq Language Teacher

Are you looking for a Mi’kmaq language teacher? The Mi’kmaq Teachers Inventory lists individuals who are available to teach Mi’kmaq.

Click here to view the teachers.

Obtaining the Teaching Material

The Msit Kisitaqn L’nui’simkewe’l or Mi’kmaq Language Resources Database gives a list of all Mi’kmaq teaching resources we were able to locate, in 2015 and 2016, at various Mi’kmaq and Non-Mi’kmaq organizations throughout Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, this does not mean that this material is always available to the public. Now that we, at the Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (Mi’kmaq Language Lab) of the Unama’ki College of Cape Breton University have found and catalogued the Mi’kmaq teaching materials that exist we are in the process of republishing material that is out of print, scanning material to make it available on-line or, if the material is still in print, making copies available for sale through the Cape Breton University (CBU) Bookstore. We will keep you updated through this site as we advance with this initiative.

The material we currently have available through the CBU Bookstore may be found by visiting the bookstore in person or by using the link http://www.bkstr.com/capebretonstore/home.

Locating other Mi’kmaq Language Sites

The following Mi’kmaq Organizations have excellent Mi’kmaq Language Material
Mi’kmaq Resource Center (MRC)
Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L’nui’sultimkeweyo’kuom (Mi’kmaq Language Lab)
Atlantic Canada First Nation Help Desk

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